Pre-Pay a Funeral

What is a pre-paid funeral?

At a practical level, a pre-paid funeral means that you and the funeral director can decide on a price now and settle the cost of a funeral in advance. It also provides peace of mind by knowing that arrangements have been made well in advance and according to the wishes of the individual.

Of course, different people want different arrangements, so we have created a series of pre-paid funeral plans that make it simple to arrange all the aspects of a funeral. All our plans offer an exceptional level of quality, excellent value for money and attention to detail.

Naturally, pre-paid funerals can be further personalised and designed to suit your individual needs – simply let us know and we’ll work with you to create a funeral that reflects the life of the deceased.

Reasons to pre-pay your funeral

  • Pay a fixed cost at today’s value – reducing the effect of increasing costs
  • Pay upfront or in manageable instalments – Pay as little as $25 per fortnight
  • No medical checks needed – no obstacles or arduous processes
  • No ongoing costs – no hidden or nasty surprises
  • Organise your funeral service now – have it tailored to your style and budget
  • Peace of mind – Relieve the burden for friends and family further down the line

Funeral bond vs pre-paid plans

With a prepaid funeral, the type and style of funeral you want is laid out in a contract and paid for at a fixed price. You can pay this directly to the funeral director, who will invest the funds in a funeral trust.

Another option is a Funeral Bond. Funeral bonds are sometimes called funeral investments. These are managed investments that earn interest, which is then added to the capital and only realised when it is paid to the estate or the funeral director to cover funeral expenses. Your money is also invested in an independently managed funeral fund.

By assigning the benefit to the funeral director, you can rest easy knowing you have money set aside to meet the costs of future funeral expenses.

For more information, contact a Gippsland Funeral Service funeral director to discuss which option is right for you.