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Selecting a Venue

At Gippsland Funerals Services, we understand that we all walk a different path through life and no two people are ever the same. We believe this should be reflected in the way that we are celebrated and remembered at the end of our journey. That is why, at Gippsland Funerals Services, we take care to design a truly unique funeral service that is tailored to suit individual needs and budgets.

Depending on your preference, you can hold the service at a church, chapel, graveside or another suitably nominated venue, with either an attended or non-attended cremation or burial afterwards. The graveside typically incorporates the burial.

Choosing Between Burial or Cremation

The decision to bury or cremate someone is an important and personal choice and one that should be considered carefully. We are here to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have when making this decision.

Burials can only occur in cemeteries. Remains can be buried in a plot or crypt in a cemetery. If burial is chosen, a plot will need to be allocated. Gippsland Funeral Services can recommend the most appropriate cemetery, either lawn or monumental, and arrange the acquisition of a new grave site. In the instance that you already have a family plot, we can arrange the reopening of the existing grave and also edit/add an inscription to the headstone.

Cremation is the process of turning a person’s remains into ashes. Upon the completion of the cremation process, the ashes can either be left in a crematorium space, scattered, or placed into an urn. There are also many non-traditional alternatives to finding the final resting place of ashes, such as the Bios-Urn, which is a 100% environmentally friendly way to remember your loved one. Cremations generally cost less than burials.

Choosing a Minister or Celebrant

Choosing between a Clergy or Celebrant to conduct a funeral service comes down to a person’s religion and spirituality. A member of the church, whether that be a Priest, Pastor or other Minister can be nominated by the family to preside over the service.

Alternatively, Celebrants are trained to conduct services and perform all the duties involved in a funeral proceeding. Ultimately, the choice is yours. And if you don’t have a Clergy or Celebrant to nominate, Gippsland Funerals Services has in-house and external celebrants available and can also recommend a suitable clergy based on your needs.

Choosing the Casket or Coffin

The difference between a coffin and a casket comes down to the design. Coffins are tapered at the head and foot and are wide at the shoulders. Caskets, on the other hand, are rectangular in shape and typically have a hinged lid.

Gippsland Funerals Services offer a wide selection of both, ranging in price, style, and material, meaning that you will be able to find one that accurately represents who the person was while remaining on a budget.

Headstone Inscription

Leave a special tribute on your loved one’s headstone with the assistance of Gippsland Funeral Services.

The inscription can be anything that reminds you of your loved one, whether it be a verse, lyric, or quote. We can help you come up with the wording and organising the cemetery / monumental mason to have it done.


A viewing is where the family and close friends of the deceased can spend some time with their loved one prior to the service. It is a private moment of reflection, allowing an opportunity to say goodbye and can assist with the grieving process.

If this is something that you would like to have as part of the funeral, simply ask your Gippsland Funeral Services director and it will be arranged.

Arranging Floral Tributes or Donations

Floral arrangements are an aspect of the funeral service that brings beauty, fragrance, and colour to what is generally considered to be a sombre occasion. Their vibrancy can act as a reminder to celebrate the life rather than the loss and can be a gesture of sympathy shared among friends and family.

It’s important to select a floral arrangement that reflects the person who has passed away. At Gippsland Funerals Services, we can assist in selecting an appropriate arrangement.

A common alternative to flowers is to ask people to donate to a cause of your choice or at least give them the option.

Preparing Death and Funeral Notices

Preparing a notice is an important part of the process as it notifies members of the public of the passing and, if desired, provides the vital funeral service details. It can also act as a way to remember the person and honour their life.

The rates in the newspaper are normally based on cost per lineage / words used, which can be difficult to estimate. Gippsland Funerals Services can assist with the organisation of these notices.


At Gippsland Funerals Services, we want everything to be personalised. That’s why you have a choice in the style the funeral procession takes. We offer a choice in what hearse you would like to carry your loved one to their final resting place.

Choose between either a modern black hearse or classic burgundy.

Hearse choice subject to availability.