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These days we're all busy. We work hard to get ahead, to plan for our future and take care of our loved ones. We also work to be independent in our later lives, so that we are not a burden on our children and our friends. Why do we do all these things? Because we want to demonstrate to our family and friends how much we care. Pre-arranged funerals are an extension of that care. [Maffra Road Sale Funeral Home]
[Maffra Road Sale Funeral Home] More and more people are taking the sensible step of pre-arranging their own funeral because they care for their family and friends. As well, pre-arranging allows a person to decide the style and scope of funeral they desire. Gippsland Funeral Services seeks to provide a pre-arranged funeral plan that is a safe, sensible and practical way to ensure the details and service are what the individual requires. At a practical level, a pre-arranged funeral means that everyone can decide on a price now and settle the cost of a funeral in advance. It also provides peace of mind by knowing that arrangements have been made well in advance and according to the wishes of the individual.
The funeral of your choice... at today's value Although it is impossible to predict what funeral costs will be in the future, a certainty is that, like everything else, the price will go up. Some people, quite sensibly, seek to meet the cost of their funeral by allocating funds in a savings account or by purchasing a life insurance policy. Unfortunately, due to inflation neither of these options can be relied upon to fully cover the costs of a funeral service. [Maffra Road Sale Funeral Home]
[Maffra Road Sale Funeral Home] Nor do they ensure that everything will be carried out exactly as each person would like. One advantage of a Gippsland Funeral Services pre-arranged funeral is that it effectively "freezes" the cost of the funeral. Payment is at today's value, even though the funeral may not take place for many years to come. Most importantly, this could save your family a great deal of money in the future.
What is a Gippsland Funeral Services pre-arranged funeral plan? When a person purchases a Gippsland Funeral Services pre-arranged funeral plan, he or she is effectively purchasing a guaranteed funeral service, whenever it may be needed, at today's value. [Maffra Road Sale Funeral Home]
[Maffra Road Sale Funeral Home]

Of course, different people want different arrangements, so we have taken care to design a choice of plans to suit individual needs and budgets. A plan to meet your needs and budget There are a number of Gippsland Funeral Service pre-arranged funeral plans provided for consideration. All our plans offer an exceptional level of quality, excellent value for money and attention to detail.

Options are also available to pay off a pre-arranged funeral plan, even over several years if needed, from as little as $25 per fortnight.

We have listed serveral funeral plans for your consideration - please click here for these Funeral Plan Choices.

Naturally, pre-arranged funerals can be personalised and designed to suit your individual needs - all you need do is contact us for any assistance you may require.


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