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"I think it's great to have the complete funeral service and catering afterwards, all under one roof. It saves a lot of travelling about "

That direct quote from a client sums up the unique benefits of Gippsland Funeral Service's Geoff Rossetti Memorial Chapel and Funeral Parlour.

Grief and turmoil are natural emotions that prevail when organising and attending the funeral of a loved one, At this time, the convenience and privacy provided by our purpose built facility provides a great deal of comfort for those in our care.

Maffra Road Chapel
Maffra Road Chapel

The location is also important. Situated adjacent to the Sale Lawn Cemetery on the Sale-Maffra Road, the Chapel and Funeral Parlour sit serenely in spacious grounds.

Gippsland Funeral Services is deliberately placed just out of town.

According to director Scott Rossetti, this privacy is so important to families. "ln our previous main street location, mourners at a funeral had to compete with shoppers for car parking places, and were confronted by passers-by when leaving the Chapel. This is no longer the case in our new location"

Our generous off-street parking is complemented by a number of private areas and gardens, once again specifically designed to allow private, quiet moments for individuals and with family and friends.

Gippsland Funeral Services also provides seating for up to 150 and standing room for 100 more, while full committal facilities on-site allow for a complete cremation service with no need to follow to the crematorium.

Well-equipped catering facilities for refreshments following the service complete the package and complement our caring and convenient approach to funeral services.

The Geoff Rossetti Memorial Chapel in Sale has many features to assist grieving families and friends:

[A Purple Button]Generous off-street parking
[A Purple Button]Privacy
Private areas and gardens for family and friends to spend time alone when needed.
Our off-street location means that moumers are not confronted by the public on leaving the chapel.
[A Purple Button]Plasma Screens
Two fifty inch Plasma Screens adorn the walls for displaying photographic presentations of the life of the deceased. These presentations are put together by our staff with your photos. Alternatively you are welcome to supply your own presentation on DVD or plug your laptop into our system
[A Purple Button]Funeral Service Webcam
Friends and relatives unable to attend the service can watch and listen from anywhere in the world as long as they have broadband internet access.
[A Purple Button]Skype
Tributes can be delivered by friends or relatives from anywhere in the world via Skype.
[A Purple Button]DVD Recording
Services can be recorded to DVD enabling the family history (as told in the eulogy and tributes) to be preserved for future generations. Copies of the DVD can also be sent to friends and relatives who could not attend the funeral service.
Maffra Road Chapel
Maffra Road Chapel
[A Purple Button]Specialist design to assist the grieving process.
Grief professionals contributed to the chapel design to assist mourners by not removing them from the reality of the loss.
[A Purple Button]Well-equipped catering facilities for refreshments following the service.
[A Purple Button]Seating for 150 and standing room for 100 more.
[A Purple Button]Full committal facilities allow for a complete cremation service with no need to follow to the crematorium.
[A Purple Button]The proximity to the Sale cemetery allows moumers to stay in one location for the entire service.
[A Purple Button]All religions catered for and celebrants on staff if required.

The Sale Funeral parlour and Chapel is another example of the family involvement at Gippsland Funeral Services.

Craig Rossetti, an Architect in his own practise and the brother of Gippsland Funeral Services Director, Scott Rossetti, designed the distinctive Chapel and Parlour.

For Craig, the Chapel and Parlour is a marriage of lifestyle and profession.

The building shows his understanding of life and death and was created specifically to help mourners confrant and deal with the ceremony and release of the funeral tradition.

It is a tradition well understood by the RossettI family; Scott is the third generation of his family to operate Gippsland Funeral Services and follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

Maffra Road Chapel
Maffra Road Chapel Map

Group and personal tours of our premises are always welcome.

The tour covers all aspects of funeral service and can be arranged during the day or evening.

Gippsland Funeral Services staff are also available as guest speakers.

There is no charge for either of these services.

For tours, guest speakers (or for further information) contact Scott Rossetti personally on (03) 5143 2477.


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