Jessie Stewart (Jess) Uebergang

08 April 1910 to 27 March 1996

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Jessie Stewart McColl was born at the Heart Estate, Sale on 8th April 1910. She was one of nine children.

On the farm Jessie rode horses, milked cows, and was cooking for the shearers by the time she was twelve.

After gaining her High School Certificate she left for Melbourne to work at Mantons, but after a year she was homesick and returned to Sale. After her family moved back into town, they took in lodgers, one of whom was Charles Henry Uebergang. Charles had planned to go overseas, but the ships were tied up with the Depression, so came to Sale to work at the Gasworks.

The inevitable happened and they were married on Easter Saturday 15 April 1933. They then moved to Warrnambool for the first twelve months, then back to Sale when an inheritance enabled them to buy a hardware store, which included a small funeral business and also to build a house in Macarthur Street.

This formed the beginnings of Uebergang Funeral Services, which was then followed by Gippsland Funeral Services, which is currently being run by Jessie's grandson, Scott Rossetti.

Jessie and Charles had four children, Jill, Fae, Bruce and Heather: As was the case in that era, Jessie stayed home to look after the children, garden, pets and chooks. She made all the children's clothing, including sets of summer and winter underwear: Outside the home, she was involved with Mother's Clubs and modelled clothes for fashion parades.

Jessie mainly stayed at home to be with the children or to answer the door or phone for Charles' funeral business.

In the early 1950's she became hooked on lawn bowls and won quite a few championships.

When Charles retired in 1963 they moved to Raymond Island to live permanently. After Charles died four years ago; Jessie decided to make the most of the time left to her. In her eighties she took up German, line dancing, square dancing, U3A poetry and prose and discussion group, as well as fitting in water aerobics, bowling and coaching commitments and maintaining her garden. Jessie lived life to the fullest and was a mentor and a great example to all her knew her.

The text above is compiled from excerpts of the eulogy given by Jessie's daughter, Heather at Jessie's funeral.

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