Geoffrey (Geoff) Rossetti

12 November 1932 to 27 March 1996

[Geoff Rossetti]

Geoff Rossetti was born at Kooweerup in 1933. He was the second child of Italian Migrants and often spoke about the difficulties faced by children of migrants in those times. Even the choice of sandwiches, salami versus vegemite, was the subject of ridicule in the schoolyard. It was only in recent years that felt he could celebrate the fact that he was of Italian Stock. Rossetti tried to fit in as best he could and he found playing football a way to do this. He became very good at football winning numerous trophies while playing for the senior teams of the Rythdale Cardinia football club. He was signed for Collingwood and trained with both Collingwood and Melbourne VFL teams but National Service prohibited Rossetti from making Collingwood's list to play.

It was on the football field that he met his first wife Fae Uebergang. Geoff and Fae started dating during the football season of 1958 and married in 1959.

Rossetti started his working career in the State Bank of Victoria as a bank clerk but in 1963 he left the bank to move to Sale to join Fae's father, Carl Uebergang, in the family hardware and funeral business. In Sale, Rossetti became active in the community joining Rotary and running for council. He served on the Sale City Council for eighteen years including three terms as Mayor. His service to the community was recognised when he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary International.

Geoff Rossetti was a man of the people. He always took the time out to stop and talk to people, no matter how busy he was. This characteristic endeared him to his local community and also assisted his understanding of what was needed in his community. Rossetti campaigned hard for what he thought was required and many civic assets in the Sale community are a direct result of his efforts. His time on council was a time of high growth for Sale as the oil and gas boom meant many new families were moving into the area. These additional families all needed council services and the council was kept busy with town planning and implementing the plans. Rossetti was very much a hands-on councillor and his family recall having the town planning scheme documents laid out over the dining room table on many occasions.

Rossetti was also heavily involved in the Australian Funeral Director's Association (AFDA) holding various offices including those of State and National councillor and State President.

Rossetti possessed a keen sense of humour and used it to great effect in social settings and also in the various committee roles he held. He was always able to get his point across when it was delivered with just a touch of friendly humour.

Ill health forced Rossetti to retire from his business in September 1995 and on March 27, 1996, he died at his home in Sale aged 63 years. Rossetti was farewelled at a service at St Mary's Cathedral in Sale prior to interment in the Sale Lawn Cemetery.

Rossetti is survived by his wife Carole, Children Craig, Scott and Danielle and grandchildren Samantha and Charlie.

Obituary written by Scott Rossetti

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