Charles Henry (Carl) Uebergang

26 January 1908 to 5 January 1992

[Carl Uebergang]

Charles Henry Uebergang, (known as Carl) was born when his mother was 43, his next elder brother was over 12 years older. This must have been quite a surprise to his mother Eliza!

Carl went to Allansford School and later Warmambool Technical School. As was often the case in those days, he rode to School on a pony.

The family often enjoyed picnics and fishing on the Hopkins River which ran right past the property (see below).

[Uebergang family on Hopkins River]

The young Carl wanted to travel the world, but this was difficult in post depression times so he proceeded to travel around Australia instead. He made it as far as Sale where he purchased a hardware business and met a local lass who was to become his wife, Jessie McColl.

The marriage produced four children: Jill, Faye, Bruce and Heather.

[Bruce, Faye, Jess, Carl and Heather Uebergang at Warrnambool]

Carl's life in his own words

I came to Sale in August 1929 just to see what Gippsland was like. I came by train and boarded at Victoria House in Foster Street, opposite the Club Hotel and was one of 24 others staying there, the last one was Joe Barbaris, a teacher at the Tech school whom I went to school with in Warnambool.

I got the offer of a job at the local gasworks which I kept for 3 1/2 years ( at 4 pounds and 14 shillings a week).

I bought out a Hardware shop opposite the Crown Hotel from Prosser and Moffat also connected to a funeral business of which I didn't have any experience.The hardware appealed to me as I had worked for Chandlers in Johnson Street Melbourne for about 3-4 years not knowing, as this was 1932, I was to spend the next 32 years in it prior to retiring to Paynesville in 1963.


[Interior of Carl's hardware shop]

I became interested in several organisations,the first of which was the Sale Football Club.Had a run with them but was not good enough and the work of a stoker,which I was at the Gasworks from 6am to 5 pm,was too tough, let alone train otherwise hours. However I spent years on the committee, on the gates and any other job going and still am a member.

After 6 months at Victoria House I went to board at McColls in Reeve Street where I met Jess and eventually married a couple of years later and built a house in Macarthur Street. Prior to building, we lived in a flat in Macalister Street and could hear the band practising 2 nights weekly and naturally got interested and started on a Fugal Horn leading on to the Tenor Horn/ Euphonium.The instruments were council owned and for the 6 years of the 2nd World War they were kept at the RAAF Base for safe keeping.War over, the Council came around to get the band going again but I only played for a short while before becoming President for 12 years and have always been interested.

One of the first people I met again was the Rev,W D Marshall at the Presbyterian Church who I knew at Allansford.I was only a kid going to school and he was courting one of the girls next door and, apart from that, he loved fishing and he used to line me up to get the bait ready and, as we had a new rowboat and knew where to go, that was it. Well, anyway, I went along to his church, he married us and I had a long association with the church. Board of Management, Elder in 1942. Pat Woods came then David Broughton, Donald Macrae, George Grant etc.

This then takes me to Freemasonry. I joined the Gippsland Lodge 51 on 6th March 1932 and became Master 1942/43. Mark Lodge followed about 2 years after this, Master of Royal Arch Chapter about 2 years again and am Past Master 638 Invictus and still am today. I drew clearance from 51 and became a foundation member of Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge.
Strangely enough I played tennis with St. Mary's Club but not much good. Had a couple of seasons then went to the Sale Golf Club in Hutchinson St. Had about 10 years there but never went out to Longford. Joined the Bowling Club in Victoria Park in 1942 and then Paynesville when it began about 1970 and am still a member.

I joined the Committee of Primary School 545 in Macalister St. when Jill started school and Jess joined the Mothers Club. I really don't know how many years there,but was President for a few years when Joe Loughlan was Head Master.Also on the Council of the Tech School for possibly 15/20 years but got out in Ern.Adams term.

I joined VFDA ( Victorian Funeral Directors Association) and AFDA around 1937/38.I remember Jess and I going to a Convention in Sydney in our Master Chev. and saw soldiers marching outside Army Barracks and as it had taken us nearly a week to get there (no wireless or TV) we didn't know what was going on.I would often meet ones I used to train with in 'Dad's Army' ( Volunteers Defense Force from which I still have my jacket!!) This was another organisation requiring man-power.

These and many other things I have been proud to say I was interested in both in helping and with a few bob which I owed to the people of Sale for giving me a start and,in return,I am glad to say that I have never regretted adopting it as my town. I note the change but I don't live in what happened yesterday. You can have nostalgia and it is nice to know nice nostalgia.

Well folks, that's it.


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