25th May 1932 - 18th September 2009

Elsa was born at Mount Gambier, South Australia. She was the only daughter of Stanley George Button (dec) and Myra Agatha Button (nee Frost) (dec). She had an older brother Les (dec) and a younger brother Trevor.

Her first job was a butcher at Borthwicks smallgoods factory. She married Eric Roy Earl at age 19 and they had three children, Karen, Daryl and Brian.

In 1962 the family moved to Creswick in Victoria. This is where Elsa’s long involvement with lawn bowls began, as a player. Then in 1965 the family moved to Beaufort where Elsa resumed work, at Crestknit clothing factory. The family moved again in 1970 to Sale, where Elsa lived the rest of her life.

At Sale, Elsa continued working in the clothing factory industry at V. May & Co. and soon became the Manager, a position she held until the factory closed down. She then worked at Crestknit at Sale.

Elsa now became heavily involved in the administration side of lawn bowls, as well as a player. At her local club Sale she was a life member and held several Committee positions, including the Ladies President role for 4 years. She also held executive positions over many years at North Gippsland District Ladies Bowling Association, including President and 10 years as Treasurer. Although health problems saw Elsa retiring as a player in 2002 after 40 years, she continued to serve the sport she loved in administration roles.

For 16 years she was one of the main organisers of the Sale Bowls Club Bingo, raising significant funds for the Club.

Art and Craft were a big part of Elsa’s life over the last 25 years. She took professional lessons in her areas of interest as she was determined to succeed. Her special area of interest was oil paintings of landscapes. She was a very intelligent student of Glass Mosaics and quickly mastered the techniques to complete significant projects. Her sewing skills learnt through previous clothing factory jobs was well utilised on her very popular peek-a-boo dolls and other craft.

Elsa had a long association back to childhood with the Salvation Army. She volunteered her time to the Salvos Store at Sale for many years, and then at age 76 fulfilled her lifetime ambition and became a Salvation Army Soldier.

Undoubtedly the things Elsa was best at was being a wife and mother. She was a very warm and caring person who would readily give her time to others. She was a popular person because she was easy-going, loyal, friendly and a good listener. She was very family orientated and supportive.

Elsa was an amazing cook. Some of her specialties will live on for generations, the rabbit casserole the baked stuffed rabbit, the stuffed wild duck, the pavlova, the baked apple roly poly and so on.

Elsa is survived by her loving husband of 58 years, Eric, children Karen, Daryl and Brian, grandchildren Janelle, Mark, Daniel, Kylee, Sally, Belinda and Julie, and great-grandchildren Cody, Jack, Liam, Zoe, Harrison, Phélim, Ciaran, Caoimhe, Bailey and India.

- Brian Earl

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