Lesley James Brentnall

Thelma Jean Windley Brentnall

16th October 1914 to 12th August 2007

18th September 1917 to 24th October 2008

Aged 92 Years

Aged 91 Years


Dearly loved parents of Jeanette, (Julie dec.) Joan, Alan and Philip,
grandparents of Steven, Kirsten, Johann, Nicole, Michelle, Adam, Glenn and Jared,
great grandparents of Matheu, Aubrey, Grace and Luca, Joshua and Talia, Ally, Madeline, James, & Ella,
gr.gr.grandparents of Jake & Jhet,
inlaws to Robin, Graham, Wilma, Cheryl.

After 65 years of happy marriage, at the ages of 93 and 91 years, they are together again and at rest at last.

Their family will miss them forever.

Les and Thelma are buried in the Fawkner Cemetery, with their baby daughter Julie, in the Church of England section

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